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The purpose for which the Association was established and it's objectives are:


  • To promote and foster the art of dancing for the benefit of the members and provide an inclusive organisation and facilities through which persons may associate and work for the advancement of dance as a sport, an art, as a recreational activity and a vocation

  • To encourage pupils to improve their dancing and to give them a goal to work towards while encouraging education and appreciation of dance throughout the public and endeavour at all times to continually advance and raise the standards of dance by way of financial assistance, scholarships or subsidies where possible


  • To raise the status of dancing and the appreciation of art thereof by the promotion of medal tests, dance festivals, competitions and championships in Standard, Latin American, New Vogue, English Old Time, Victorian-Edwardian, Stage Ballet, Exhibition, Formation and Vernacular branches of dancing


  • To promote dance in all its aspects for the purpose of greater participation, expertise, enjoyment, knowledge and education


  • To encourage members of the profession to aim for and achieve higher qualifications in the art of dancing while providing an administrative body for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise with the aim of creating higher general standards in the professional teaching of dancing as a vocation and encourage members of the profession to aim for and achieve higher qualifications in the art of dancing


  • To provide a qualified Board of Examiners to examine candidates for proficiency and the certification of professional standards in the instruction of dance and to certify such persons as qualified for the purpose to the standards required by the Association


  • To achieve and maintain recognition of the Australian Institute of Dancing for its standard of knowledge and expertise in the area of dance while endeavouring to create, promote and foster new branches of dancing and provide facilities and co-ordination for teaching, display and entertainment where possible

The Australian Institute of Dancing (A.I.D) is a not for profit organisation founded in 1950 with Robert Wrightson as President and Sam Gilkison as General Secretary and Treasurer thereby making it the oldest West Australian ballroom dancing association.


The idea was originally put forward by Robert Wrightson in 1941/1942 for a professional ballroom association based in Western Australia, as up to this point, examiners based in the Eastern States of Australia and in the U.K needed to be obtained for Student and Professional examinations.


Unfortunately, military service in World War 2 delayed the start of the association until the end of the war and its aftermath.

The Association affiliated with the Society of Australian Teachers of Dancing (S.A.T.D) in 1951 and became a member body of the Australian-New Zealand Council of Dancing Organisations (A.N.Z.C.O.D.O) in 1952.


The Australian Institute of Dancing has an extensive syllabus for practical and theory examinations in a variety of dance styles for amateur and professional candidates based on internationally recognised standards and created through decades of technical development.


In addition, it promotes and organises Medallist Examinations, Festivals, General Competitions plus Championships for DanceSport in Western Australia.

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