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Why do we have a Dance Syllabus


It's important to understand that a dance syllabus is nothing more than a list of steps developed for each dance that typically begins with the most simple and fundamental patterns and progresses to more difficult and complicated patterns.


A well thought out syllabus list not only gives you variety in patterns for dancing but also helps develop the skills needed for progress and if you follow a syllabus carefully, you might notice that each step is developing a particular skill or technique that you will need in the coming steps.

This is why jumping around in a syllabus list can be difficult; you may not yet have developed an underlying skill for a more complicated action.



BRONZE standards are designed;

  • To teach proper body alignment and balance

  • To teach weight movement from foot to foot consistently through the dancing of foundation patterns

  • To teach the fundamental basic movements of each dance

  • To unify the body and teach core strength

  • To introduce transitions of frame at fundamental levels


SILVER standards develop your dancing;

  • To introduce complex body positions

  • To advance the use of swing and shape

  • To develop the ability to dance complex rhythms and syncopations

  • To increase the ability to turn and spin

  • To introduce body isolations while in movement without disturbing core strength

  • To introduce transitions of more complex frames


GOLD levels consolidate and enhance your ability;

  • To learn to change inside and outside of curve with greater frequency and rapidity

  • To incorporate line figures and more complex rhythms into the dance

  • To change direction with speed by increasing an understanding of body weight

  • To use more extreme body positions to create greater risk in the dance

  • To learn to move the whole body through isolations to create greater speed and strength

  • To increase understanding of complex frame and body position transitions


OPEN categories allow you;

  • To encourage flexibility with timing and patterns

  • To explore new movement and shapes

  • To freely express emotion through dance

  • To ‘break’ the rules!

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