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Social Dance & Medallist Programs


Social and Medallist exams are available in Ballroom, Latin American, New Vogue, English Old Time,Sequence Dances and Vernacular dance styles.


Commencing with a Social level then progressing to Bronze, Silver and Gold levels through to advanced Oscar and Cabaret levels in all styles for those who look to push their dancing skills and ability to the limit and strive to achieve perfection.


Social Level  --------------------


The Social program develops the dances you plan to use immediately at a basic level with emphasis being placed on three important elements of dancing; foot position, rhythm/timing and leading/following, with enough variety to keep your learning experience interesting.

Bronze Level  --------------------


The Bronze levels are designed to develop timing and technique with styling to make you look and feel comfortable on the dance floor while allowing you to strengthen your leading and following skills.


Silver Level  --------------------


The Silver level dance standard involves a higher degree of styling, more elaborate moves and a continuity of movement with many natural directional changes. styling, technique, balance and control and the beginning of a more professional/competitive style and look.

Gold Level  --------------------


The Gold standard is for the dancer interested in performance, exhibition or competition with choreography, styling, technique and showmanship being a requirement at this level.

The material is generally not used on a crowded dance floor.

Stars | Oscar | Cabaret  -------------------- 


Similar to the Gold levels but with a higher expectation of performance, these levels are designed for students who have completed all levels of medal examinations or, in the case of Cabaret levels, those who wish to incorporate an exam that is not as technical and allows both student and teacher an opportunity for creativity.


Examinations  --------------------

AID Examiners are drawn from a panel of highly qualified members who examine medallist candidates with report forms, medals, trophies or certificates being presented for completion of the relevant level.

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