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With the explosion of casual dance ‘teachers’ it is more important than ever to establish high teaching and ethical standards and to distinguish qualified teachers based on training, qualifications and experience.


Perhaps you have a few years of experience as a dance teacher with a following of students and are wondering why you need to participate in a qualification program.


Today, there are more dance teachers than ever and it can be hard for potential students to recognize the difference between you and other teachers therefore, to remain competitive you need as many ways as possible to set yourself up as a better, more recognized and respected teacher.


Becoming Qualified


For Professional Teachers/Instructors, we administer examinations to earn Introductory Teacher Certification plus qualifications for:


  • Associate Diploma,

  • Membership Diploma, or

  • Fellowship Diploma


in Standard/Ballroom, Latin American, Australian New Vogue and Vernacular styles of dance.


Our goal is to provide support, syllabus materials and assistance to all our members to enhance their expertise and knowledge in the teaching/coaching of dance with access to a certified professional organisation for the requirements of traditional Medal Examinations of their student body. 

The dance industry is not license regulated therefore, we professionals must take on the task of self-regulation and demand the highest standards for ourselves and the public.

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