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Membership Application and Renewal 


Any eligible person who applies to become a member of the association shall be admitted to membership by the Executive Committee provided the Executive Committee is satisfied that the applicant is a fit and proper person to be a member. (item 4 in the Constitution)

Appointment of Proxy 


To allow for the voting by members who are unable to attend an annual general meeting (item 7.12 in the Constitution) we will accept the provision of a proxy vote by the submission of a completed proxy form giving the proxy authority to vote with proxy voting taking two forms - the member can give the proxy authority to vote as he or she (i.e. the proxy) sees fit or, provides specific authority for the proxy to vote only in a certain way.


Statutory Declaration 


The Associations Incorporation Act 2015 gives members the right to inspect the register of members and make a copy of any part of its contents but within that right is the requirement that any member wishing to make a copy of or take an extract from the register of members must provide a statutory declaration stating the purpose for which the information is required and that the purpose is related to the affairs of the association.


A person must not use or disclose any information in the register of members unless the purpose is directly to the affairs of the association (for example, the information cannot be used to send material for political, religious, charitable or commercial purposes).

Please note that it is a legal requirement that your name and nominated contact information can be made available to other members (but, names and addresses are also obtainable through sources such as the electoral roll and the telephone directory).

Rules of the Association 

The Associations Incorporation Act 2015 requires an incorporated association to have a set of rules that govern the day-to-day management of the association and any association incorporated in Western Australia is required to make provision for specific matters in its rules.

These matters are detailed in our Constitution.

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