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Professional Training Programs


Competition within the dance sector is strong and the need for recognised teaching qualifications is more critical than ever. 


The AID's portfolio of teaching qualifications is broad, varied and designed to offer potential and current dance professionals, qualifications that are relevant to the latest developments within the sector.


These qualifications aim to give prospective and existing dance professionals a solid grounding in the skills and knowledge needed to teach dance in a safe environment and it is worth taking the time to consider the options, by looking at what type of teaching qualification you wish to achieve and in what setting you are going to teach.



Grade 2, Grade 1 & Introductory Teaching Examination (I.T.E)


These qualifications have been created for those individuals who would like to improve their technical knowledge, are looking to become a dance teacher, have just started in the industry or are looking to increase their technical knowledge and teaching skills. 

The Grade 2 & Grade 1 Teacher Examination through the Australian Institute of Dancing and DanceSport Australia's Introductory Teaching Examination (ITE), test technical knowledge and practical skills and as such may serve as entry requirements for the Associate, Membership and Fellowship teaching qualification or DanceSport accreditation.


While these are not mandatory examinations for prospective teachers who wish to take the Associate examination or a teaching/coaching qualification in its own right, it may be viewed as a helpful preparation. 


Associate, Membership & Fellowship Diploma


Associate Diploma

This qualification gives prospective dance teachers a solid grounding in the skills and knowledge needed to teach dance in a safe environment.


Membership Diploma

This qualification builds on the skills learnt in the Associate level and evidences higher level syllabus knowledge and teaching skill.


Fellowship Diploma

This is the highest teaching qualification offered by the AID, further building on the skills and experience gained through the Membership qualification. You are therefore expected to show a depth and breadth of technical knowledge and artistry as well as a high standard of teaching.

  • Please note that this is only a brief outline designed to give you a general overview only and some requirements are not covered.


Examinations: AID Examiners are drawn from a panel of highly qualified members who examine candidates for practical dance and theory examinations with report forms, certificates or diplomas being presented for completion of the relevant level.

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